• Hotspot (isolated heat) locations accurate to within 1 meter

  • Black line perimeter and active perimeter mapping

  • Fire intensity-level mapping

  • Structure locations

  • Live-video streaming and real-time location data to ground personnel.

  • Avenza-compatible PDF maps for viewing real-time, geo-referenced, perimeter and hot spot maps in the field.

Mission Details

  • Powerful optical zoom for detailed imagery of target areas, as well as broad-view imagery, in both infrared and HD.

  • On-board integrated computer system with GIS mapping capabilities.

  • Ground and fire imagery through smoke.

  • 6-8 hour mission endurance & multiple fires mapped per flight.

  • Missions are flown above TFRs, remaining clear of other fire aircraft.

Additional Details

Real-Time Fire Intelligence: Our flight crew can communicate with fire personnel via FM or VHF radio and/or text and email messages to relay information as requested by fire personnel regarding events not observable by ground crews due to remoteness or smoke. Scenario examples: Fire line penetration detection, fire spotting detection, imminent threats to life or property, scouting of safety zones or escape routes, look-out assistance for ground personnel engaged in high-risk operations.

Drop Assessment: Our systems can assess accuracy and effectiveness of retardant drops in real-time or post-mission using HD video recordings.

Video Documentation: HD video recordings and live streaming of fire lines, air drops, personnel movements and actions, etc. are useful in daily situation reports, planning, and post-incident analysis.

OAR captures VLAT dropping fire retardant over Pole Creek Fire in Utah

Fire Mapping


Above: HD/IR comparison at some location in a fire. Brighter greys & whites indicate hotter heats

Right: Fire Product Packages include pdf maps with basemaps of both satellite imagery and topography.


Sub-Hour Return Time on Post-Flight Products:

  • .pdf maps w/ topographic and satellite basemaps

  • .kmz and .shp files of all fire layers

  • Computed area of acres burned

  • OAR utilizes in-aircraft operators to map IR and blackline fire perimeters in real-time in 3-D using Augmented Reality, GIS overlays on HD/IR imaging.

  • In-aircraft delineation and mapping of:

    • Heat Perimeter

    • Intense Heat

    • Scattered Heat

    • Isolated Heat/Hotspots

    • Threatened Structures

  • Communication throughout flights via FM or VHF radio, text, or email as requested.


Hotspot Detections & Risk Assessment

Sub-Hour Return Time on Post-Flight Product Packages:

  • .pdf maps w/ topographic and satellite basemaps

  • .kmz and .shp files of all fire layers

  • Geo-referenced screenshot images of individual heat signatures

  • 1 meter accuracy on hotspots and structures during mop-up operations

Risk Assessment

Target Identification, Distance Measurements, and Real-time Communications of Risks to Local Stuctures

  1. Heat signatures near structures are identified

  2. Distances between heat and structures are measured and communicated directly to Incident Command

  3. Fire crews receive standard Post-Mapping Product Package with additional geo-referenced screenshots


Recorded & Live-stream Video Features

Owyhee Air Research now offers multiple in-flight video options for all fire and wildlife reconnaissance.

  • Recorded Video Clips store footage for supplemental information to fire maps, later debriefing by Incident Commands, and media records.

  • Live-video streaming allows on-the-ground, real-time viewing of camera footage. Couple with direct communication for coordinated reconnaissance efforts and increased focus on areas of interest.


Find Your Contract

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