OAR Featured in September 2018 Issue of the Wildlife Society Bulletin

Pilot and OAR President John Romero and former IR Technician Jacob Hourt were recently published as co-authors on the Wildlife Society Bulletin paper, “Testing Infrared Camera Surveys and Distance Analyses to Estimate Feral Horse Abundance in a Known Population.” Owyhee Air Research has since been conducting Aerial IR Flights to estimate horse abundance across the west.


OARNews | Issue 10 is here!

Read about one of our dear friends and partnering biologists, Art Talsma (The Nature Conservancy) and his time on The 45 Ranch tucked away in one of Idaho's southern corners.

Also, this marks Owyhee Air Research's 10th year anniversary. We've been reflecting some on our history and growth as a wildlife research company and you'll find some of those reflections and a visual timeline in this issue as well.

Finally, be sure to check out Irving Eagle & Rudy Raven on the last page for a little humor. 

Thank you for reading! 

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Video | Bighorn Lamb Survey, Idaho

Counting lambs and assessing body conditions of California bighorn sheep in the Owyhee River drainage in Idaho this summer. Survey Method: Flying at 1500-5000 feet in a fixed-wing aircraft, using "IRIS", our military-grade, aerial infrared and HD imaging system.  

*In Video: note the use of infrared to identify camouflaged lambs (:50) and identification of animal via color-coded collar using optical zoom capabilities (1:16). (to embed this video we've had to reduce the quality)