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December 2018 Issue 12

  • Merry Christmas from Owyhee Air Research!

  • OAR Triples Fire Flights During a Busy Fire Season

  • New plane, new pilots, new year: Owyhee Air Expands its Fleet

  • OAR Co-authors Publication of Feral Horse Detectability, Continues to Expand Horizons in Horse Surveys

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2018 August Cover Small.PNG

August 2018 Issue 11

  • The Year in Review

  • OAR Goes to the Arctic

  • Aerial Wildlife Surveys in Arkansas

  • OAR Helps Combat Largest Wildfire of 2017

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February 2017 Issue 10

  • Reflecting on 10 Years

  • Art Talsma and The 45 Ranch

  • Irving Eagle & Rudy Raven

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October 2016 Issue 9

  • A short note from John

  • Soda Fire Rehab is a "Learning Exercise" to Improve Future Fire Restoration Templates

  • 50 Years and Counting - Norm Saake, Master Aerial Waterfowl Surveyor Completes 50 Years of Surveying

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July 2016 Issue 8

  • Bighorn Lamb Census Using Aerial Infrared and HD Video

  • Q & A with Chief Pilot, Janna Greenhalgh

  • The Craighead Twins and Pioneering Radio Tracking Wildlife (1961) 

  • Meet the Biologist: Tony Mong, Wyoming Game and Fish Department

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February 2016 Issue 7

  • OAR Crew Country-Hops the North Atlantic

  • Experiencing AIR from the Aircraft

  • OAR Expands Fleet, Acquires Vulcan Air Observer

  • Biologist, Kate Andrle

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October 2015 Issue 6

  • National Infrared Operations

  • Drones and Regulatory Hurdles

  • Biologist, Caleb McAdoo

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June 2015 Issue 5

  •  Moving Forward with Infrared

  • Overcoming Challenges in Salmon Redd Surveying

  • New Projects, New People

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March 2015 Issue 4

  • Technology Advancing Research

  • Discovering the Longest Mule Deer Migration Ever Recorded

  • Testing New IR Advanced System: Case Studies

  • "Mounting" Challenges

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October 2014 Issue 3

  •  Reviewing the Latest in Infrared Technology

  • NDOW Tests Aerial Infrared on Fawn Survey

  • Meet the Biologists: Jake Powell, Ed Partee

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May 2014 Issue 2

  • Hardware Advances In Aerial Infrared

  • Meet the Biologists: Regan Berkley and Ken Gray

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January 2014 Issue 1

  • Infrared Imagery and Bats

  • Turbo Cessna 206

  • Meet the OAR team

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