At OAR we operate a fleet of professionally maintained, mission specific survey aircraft and sensor payload configurations, suitable for most aerial survey operations. All our aircraft and pilots are FAR part 135 certified and carded under both the Department of Interior (DOI) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS). From aerial wildlife survey’s to large-scale mapping operations, we have to the tools, technology, and expertise to satisfy a wide range of aerial survey needs.

Partenavia P68-TC Observer

The Partenavia P68-TC Observer aircraft provides significant value as a versatile platform for aerial surveying, mapping, and surveillance operations. With its twin-engine design, high-wing configuration, and large payload capacity, the P68-TC Observer is able to fly at low altitudes and slow speeds, making it ideal for capturing high-resolution aerial imagery and conducting detailed inspections of infrastructure and environmental assets. The aircraft’s advanced avionics and communication systems also enable real-time data transfer, facilitating efficient and accurate data processing and analysis. Overall, the Partenavia P68-TC Observer is a reliable and cost-effective solution for a wide range of aerial data collection and surveillance applications.

Vulcanair P68C

The Vulcanair P68C is a versatile twin-engine aircraft that provides exceptional performance, reliability, and flexibility for a range of missions, including air ambulance, surveillance, passenger transport, and cargo operations. With its spacious cabin, long-range capabilities, and robust design, the P68C offers outstanding value to operators who require a cost-effective solution for their transportation needs, while also ensuring a high level of safety and comfort for their passengers or cargo. Overall, the Vulcanair P68C is a proven workhorse that delivers exceptional value for money, making it an attractive option for a wide range of aviation applications.

Vulcanair P68 OBSERVER

The Vulcanair P68 OBSERVER aircraft is a versatile and reliable platform that offers significant value for a variety of missions, including surveillance, aerial survey, and search and rescue operations. Its twin-engine configuration ensures safety and reliability in flight, while its spacious cabin can accommodate up to six passengers or a range of equipment and sensors. Additionally, its ability to operate from short and unimproved runways makes it an ideal choice for accessing remote or challenging locations. Overall, the Vulcanair P68 OBSERVER provides exceptional value as a cost-effective, multi-purpose aircraft that can support a wide range of operational needs.

Maule M7-235C

With a rugged construction and a powerful 235-horsepower engine, the M7-235C can handle a variety of challenging weather and terrain conditions, making it well-suited for bush flying, backcountry exploration, and other off-airport operations. Additionally, the M7-235C’s roomy cabin and large cargo door allow for easy transport of people and equipment, making it a popular choice for both personal and commercial use. Overall, the Maule M7-235C represents a dependable and adaptable aircraft that offers excellent value for pilots seeking a versatile and capable aircraft.