Who We Serve

Federal Agencies

For over 12 years, we’ve partnered with federal and state agencies. Our technology provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for conducting wildlife surveys and fire reconnaissance. Our advanced telemetry and mapping equipment ensures accurate data collection, enabling agencies to make informed decisions to protect and conserve natural resources.

Wildlife Biologists

Wildlife biologists also leverage our services for studying and monitoring animal behavior and habitat. With our infrared/HD video and telemetry equipment, researchers can track animal movements and gather critical data on their habitat preferences, feeding patterns, and breeding habits.

Land & Fire Managers

For fire managers, our technology provides critical information for preventing and controlling wildfires. Our fire reconnaissance technology enables fire managers to quickly and accurately assess the location, size, and intensity of a fire, allowing them to make informed decisions about the most effective response strategies.

Environmental Organizations

Environmental organizations could use our mapping technology to identify areas of high conservation value and prioritize conservation efforts.

Land Developers

Land developers could use our telemetry and mapping technology to assess the impact of their projects on local wildlife and habitat.

Researchers & Educators

Researchers and educators could use our infrared/HD video and telemetry technology to engage students and the general public in learning about wildlife behavior and conservation.

We’re proud to serve our diverse and growing client base of governments, institutions, organizations, and privately owned companies.