Owyhee Air Research

Nampa, Idaho



Owyhee Air Research is looking for a full-time Part 135 Director of Operations to join our team.  This is not your typical 135 operation.  For over 15 years we have partnered with agencies, wildlife biologists, and fire managers throughout the U.S. using the most advanced technology available in telemetry, Infrared HD, and multispectral video equipment to deliver a variety of imagery, information, and intelligence from an aerial platform.

We are a part 135 Commercial Air Carrier and approved contractor for multiple private companies, and Federal and state agencies.  Our flights are conducted with specialized crews utilizing a diverse and growing fleet.  A successful candidate will work directly between our leadership, crewmembers, and the FAA and should be comfortable in an inquisitive research minded environment while striving for the highest training and standards of professionalism. 

Simply put, the Director of Operations is responsible for directing all activities of the company’s flight program.

Responsibilities & Qualifications

• Meets the qualifications required by Far 119.17.  Has at least three years’ experience, within the past six years, as a pilot in command of an aircraft operated under part 121 or part 135.  

• Hold a commercial pilot certificate, multi-engine, single-engine land with instrument privileges.

• Bachelor’s degree preferred.

• Is responsible for carrying out the company’s policies and for compliance with all laws, rules, safe operation and regulations governing those flight and maintenance activities.

• Is responsible for the operation of the flight organization to ensure a smooth functioning operation

• Prepares and administers the flight operations budget.

• Must be a motivated leader with excellent safety and crew resource management skills, strong verbal and written communication skills, who aims to create a sense of shared purpose and common direction in recruiting and retaining the best people and striving for the best aircraft in order to provide unparalleled data for our customers.

• May perform duties as a flight crewmember when properly qualified in the aircraft

• Strong ability to organize, multi-task, and prioritize tasks with a willingness to occasionally work long or irregular hours

• Subject to pre-employment and random drug testing, must pass a background check and must have authorization to work in the U.S.


Competitive salary and benefits package, personal growth within aviation and research opportunities.